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World Cup 2026 Draw
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The Final Draw of the FIFA World Cup 2026 is intended to take place by the end of 2025. This globally watched major event will be hosted in either the San Francisco Bay Area or in Los Angeles. The draw is composed of 16 pools, with each pool containing the names of three countries. This Draw also determines the schedule for the World Cup Finals games of 2026.

This Final Draw will be attended by representatives of the 48 member soccer associations whose national teams have managed to qualify for the final round in North America.

Optional locations for the Final Draw

Optional locations for the final draw are the Chase Center, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the SAP Center in San Jose. Another optional Final Draw venue, welcoming the elite group of 48 qualified countries and all the world’s spectators on tv and online, will be the L.A. LIVE Event Spaces.

How will the draw for the 2026 Football World Cup work?

You can find out here how the draw for the 2026 Football World Cup works, as soon as that information is available. This includes information about the ‘pot’ division, which countries have qualified for the 2026 World Cup and how the draw is structured. A unique aspect of this is that the format, for the first time ever, is designed to accommodate a total of 48 national teams. You can also find the times here: what time does the draw for the World Cup start? There will also be more ‘trivial’ information available, like which celebrities in and outside of football will do the draw – an event that will be watched by as many as a billion people? There are several reasons to propose the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles as the location for the draw. Both cities have the necessary, ultramodern conference facilities and capacities to properly and spectacularly highlight this live, worldwide-broadcast event. Moreover, their international airports are equipped to accommodate the influx of guests. After the 2026 World Cup draw, guests can then travel straight from there to their country’s drawn host city or cities, with plenty of time to explore the city.

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