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Guadalajara | Host City World Cup 2026

2026 World Cup cities: Guadalajara is a Mexican city hosting the World Cup in North America. The city in Mexico is part of the sixteen cities that will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026. Guadalajara, Jalisco State, is one of the three Mexican cities that have made a stadium available – Guadalajara has the Akron Stadium – in addition to two Canadian and eleven U.S. host cities. Find here the most important information you will need, perhaps to visit the city in 2026. Information about buying tickets for this North American World Cup Soccer city of play. Info about the time zone, tourist attractions, typical characteristics in the field of sports, football and culture. And more about what Guadalajara has to offer visiting fans of the global finals in 2026.

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Mexico, Jalisco State
City population: 1,460,148 (2015)
Time zone: winter UTC-6 (EST), summer UTC-5 (EDT)
Altitude: 1,566 meters
Exp. temperature during the 2026 World Cup: 21 – 24 °C
Venue: Estadio Akron
Seating capacity:

Guadalajara World Cup city

Guadalajara is the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco, as well as this state’s largest city. Situated in the Western-Pacific part of Mexico, Guadalajara is the main center for the surrounding agricultural region and is Mexico’s second largest city, after Mexico City. The ‘Tapatíos’ as the locals name themselves, have preserved the city’s independent traditions, as can be seen in the characteristically brightly ornamented buildings and architecture, the broad avenues and diligently maintained parks the city is known for. Other recognizable cultural elements for Guadalajara are its famous mariachi music, the Jarabe Tapatío (folk dance) and a kind of rodeo called Charreadas. Guadalajara has four impressive squares, the Plaza de los Laureles, the Plaza de Armas, the Retonda de los Hombres Ilustres and the Plaza de La Liberacion, which are uniquely situated and formed as a cross, surrounding the town’s 16th century cathedral.

Guadalajara tourist hotspots

Guadalajara attractions: these are the best tourist spots of World Cup Soccer City Guadalajara, Mexico. Are you buying a ticket for one or more matches at the Estadio Akron? These are the hotspots of Guadalajara that, around the World Cup match, make your trip, visit and stay in the city even more fantastic.

See these tips with museums, parks, shopping centers, events, galleries, historical, cultural and/or musical experiences and other places of interest. They can be experienced in Guadalajara, host of the World Cup 2026. The best attractions and the best things to do? Find here the best hotels, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, entertainment and activities to do in Guadalajara. For children and adults. A useful quick summary. And if desired, click through to the official Guadalajara Tourism and Travel website.

Guadalajara Sports & Soccer City

Guadalajara has two professional soccer teams, both performing in Mexicans highest soccer league, La Primera División de México; Club Deportivo Guadalajara (also called Chivas de Guadalajara) and Los Zorros de Atlas. Chivas is a powerhouse when it comes to winning national league and Copa Libertadores titles. In the past a Chivas USA team played in the MLS (Los Angeles). With regard to inviting the world to a FIFA final tournament, Guadalajara has some experience as well; the city was already a host for both the 1970 and the 1986 FIFA World Cups. This Host City for the 2026 edition has also operated as a venue for the 1968 Olympic Games.

Guadalajara teams in La Primera División de México

Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Chivas de Guadalajara) and Los Zorros de Atlas.

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