World Cup Football History
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The FIFA Men’s World Cup has a rich history, with the respectable title: ‘Since 1930’. The year 2026 will mark 96 years of the football World Cup, during which thousands of millions of people have been frenzied with joy, often mixed with intense disappointment, but above all, an immense amount of joy: from their country, the entourage, the unpredictable events, the phenomenal action, immeasurable tension, the greatest football stars of their time, and from being football fans – together. Let’s not forget the excitement surrounding the lead-up and the previews, the countless rewatches, the come-backs from impossible situations; from black and white television to color and history-making goals recorded for all of eternity.

Who are the 22 past World Cup football winners? Which countries were crowned World Cup football champions (there is hardly a higher honorary title for a nation)? Who are the all-time top scorers? Who has represented their country the most in the World Cup? What images will we never, ever forget?

World Cup soccer history
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