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Mexico City | Host City World Cup 2026

2026 World Cup cities: Mexico City is a Mexican city hosting the World Cup in North America. The city in Mexico is part of the sixteen cities that will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026. Mexico City, Mexico State, is one of the three Mexican cities that have made a stadium available – Mexico City has the Azteca Stadium – in addition to two Canadian and eleven U.S. host cities. Find here the most important information you will need, perhaps to visit the city in 2026. Information about buying tickets for this North American World Cup Soccer city of play. Info about the time zone, tourist attractions, typical characteristics in the field of sports, football and culture. And more about what Mexico City has to offer visiting fans of the global finals in 2026.

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Mexico, Mexico State
City population (Mexico Capital City): 8,918,653 (2015)
Time zone: winter UTC-6 (EST), summer UTC-6 (EDT)
Altitude: 2,240 – 3,930 meters
Exp. temperature during the 2026 World Cup: 12.2 – 24.6 °C
Venue: Estadio Azteca
Seating capacity:

Mexico City World Cup city

Located in the Anáhuac Valley of Mexico (2,240 meters altitude), Mexico City (Ciudad de México in Spanish) is the capital of Mexico. It is part of the Greater Mexico City metropolitan area (21 million inhabitants), the world’s largest Spanish-speaking city. ‘MC’ is the most populous city in North America, with roots in its ancient Aztec’s, and ‘pre-Columbian’ predecessors, founded in 1325. The City of Mexico is close to the ancient Lake Texcoco, and is surrounded by impressive mountain ranges, as well as the snow-covered volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. Built on the ruins of the Aztec metropolis of Tenochtitlán, Mexico City welcomes its visitors in its, UNESCO listed, historic city center filled with ancient buildings, remnants of both the Aztec phase and the times of the Spanish colonization.

Mexico City tourist hotspots

Mexico City attractions: these are the best tourist spots of World Cup Soccer City Mexico City, Mexico. Are you buying a ticket for one or more matches at the Azteca Stadium? These are the hotspots of Mexico City that, around the World Cup match, make your trip, visit and stay in the city even more fantastic.

See these tips with museums, parks, shopping centers, events, galleries, historical, cultural and/or musical experiences and other places of interest. They can be experienced in Mexico City, host of the World Cup 2026. The best attractions and the best things to do? Find here the best hotels, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, entertainment and activities to do in Mexico City. For children and adults. A useful quick summary. And if desired, click through to the official Mexico City Tourism and Travel website.

Mexico City Sports & Soccer City

Mexico ‘Sports’ City is unique compared to other cities in North America, as it has three professional soccer teams. Club América, Club UNAM, and Cruz Azul Fútbol Club. These teams can count on the support of hundreds of thousands of fans. Mexico City is a well experienced host of big soccer matches and games in general. Take the FIFA World Cup Finals, for example, particularly the World Cup editions of 1970 and 1986, of which the latter was the last Finals to be held in North America up until the coming one in 2026. MC also was the host city of the 1968 Olympic Games. Amongst other sporting event the Formula One Mexico Grand Prix is watched yearly by a world-wide audience and the city is also home to NFL and NBA competition games, as well as many other events in many different kinds of sports.

Mexico City team in La Primera División de México

Club América, UNAM, and Cruz Azull.

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