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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Schedule

World Cup 2022 Schedule
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The schedule of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar runs from Sunday 20 November to the final on Sunday 18 December 2022. The 2022 World Cup schedule below shows 64 matches. Of these, 48 are on the program in the eight groups of four countries in the group stage. The number of 32 participating national teams is then halved each time, via the eighth finals, quarter-finals to the semi-finals and the final battle on December 18. There is also a third place match at the World Cup 2022 schedule.

These are the matches in the group stage, in Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, and Group H. The following 2022 World Cup group matches are sorted by date.

Group stage World Cup | November 21 to December 2, 2022

Local times Qatar

19:00Qatar – Ecuador 0-2Poule AAl Khor | Al Bayt Stadium
16:00England – Iran 6-2Poule BAr-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium
19:00Senegal – Netherlands 0-2Poule ADoha | Al Thumama Stadium
22:00USA – Wales 1-1Poule BAr-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
13:00Argentina – Saudi Arabia 1-2Poule CAl Daayen | Lusail Stadium
16:00Denmark – Tunisia 0-0Poule DDoha | Education City Stadium
19:00Mexico – Poland 0-0Poule CDoha | Stadium 974
22:00France – Australia 4-1Poule DAl Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium
13:00Morocco – Croatia 0-0Poule FAl Khor | Al Bayt Stadium
16:00Germany – Japan 1-2Poule EAr-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium
19:00Spain – Costa Rica 7-0 Poule EDoha | Al Thumama Stadium
22:00Belgium – Canada 1-0Poule FAr-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
13:00Switzerland – Cameroon 1-0Poule GAl Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium
16:00Uruguay – South Korea 0-0Poule HDoha | Education City Stadium
19:00Portugal – Ghana 3-2Poule HDoha | Stadium 974
22:00Brazil – Serbia 2-0Poule GAl Daayen | Lusail Stadium
13:00Wales – Iran 0-2 Poule BAr-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
16:00Qatar – Senegal 1-3Poule ADoha | Al Thumama Stadium
19:00Netherlands – Ecuador 1-1Poule AAr-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium
22:00England – USA 0-0Poule BAl Khor | Al Bayt Stadium
13:00Tunisia – Australia 0-1Poule DAl Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium
16:00Poland – Saudi Arabia 2-0Poule CDoha | Education City Stadium
19:00France – Denmark 2-1Poule DDoha | Stadium 974
22:00Argentina – Mexico 2-0Poule CAl Daayen | Lusail Stadium
13:00Japan – Costa Rica 0-1Poule EAr-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
16:00Belgium – Morocco 0-2Poule FDoha | Al Thumama Stadium
19:00Croatia – Canada 4-1Poule FAr-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium
22:00Spain – Germany 1-1Poule EAl Khor | Al Bayt Stadium
13:00Cameroon – Serbia 3-3Poule GAl Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium
16:00South Korea – Ghana 2-3Poule HDoha | Education City Stadium
19:00Brazil – Switzerland 1-0Poule GDoha | Stadium 974
22:00Portugal – Uruguay 2-0Poule HAl Daayen | Lusail Stadium
18:00Netherlands – Qatar 2-0Poule AAl Khor | Al Bayt Stadium
18:00Ecuador – Senegal 1-2Poule AAr-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium
22:00Wales – England 0-3Poule BAr-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
22:00Iran – USA 0-1Poule BDoha | Al Thumama Stadium
18:00Tunisia – France 1-0 Poule DDoha | Education City Stadium
18:00Australia – Denmark 1-0Poule DAl Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium
22:00Poland – Argentina 0-2Poule CDoha | Stadium 974
22:00Saudi Arabia – Mexico 1-2Poule CAl Daayen | Lusail Stadium
18:00Croatia – Belgium 0-0Poule FAr-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
18:00Canada – Morocco 1-2Poule FDoha | Al Thumama Stadium
22:00Japan – Spain 2-1Poule EAr-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium
22:00Costa Rica – Germany 2-4Poule EAl Khor | Al Bayt Stadium
18:00South Korea – Portugal 2-1Poule HDoha | Education City Stadium
18:00Ghana – Uruguay 0-2Poule HAl Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium
22:00Cameroon – Brazil 1-0Poule GAl Daayen | Lusail Stadium
22:00Serbia – Switzerland 2-3Poule GDoha | Stadium 974

Both last matches in the groups are scheduled simultaneously, for a fair denouement. Of the eight groups, each with four countries, half remains after the group stage: sixteen of the 32 participating countries advance to the eighth finals. In all groups, the best two – being the countries that finish highest in the group – will advance in the tournament.

What happens if two or more countries in their group are tied in points? And if a decision has to be made about the number 1 or number 2 position? For that case, there are the official FIFA regulations. These can be found further down the page.

In the first phase of the knockouts, the final numbers one of each group will meet a number two, and vice versa. This means that the eighth finals will consist of cross finals.

Standings FIFA 2022 Football World Cup Qatar | Poules

POULE ACountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
POULE BCountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
2USA3-5 (2-1)
POULE CCountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
1Argentina 3-6(5-2)
4Saudi Arabia3-3(3-5)
POULE DCountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
POULE ECountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
4Costa Rica3-3(3-11)
POULE FCountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
POULE GCountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
POULE HCountryPlayed / PointsGoal Difference
2South Korea3-4(4-4)

Above you will find the current positions in the groups of the 2022 Football World Cup. It shows the total number of matches played, the number of points and the goal difference.

The numbers one and two of each group will advance to the eighth finals. These teams will play crosswise against each other. The top two teams from group A and those of group B are linked together in the first knockout round, as will the best two teams from groups C and D, those from groups E and F, and groups G and H. They are linked together according to this scheme: 1A – 2B, 1B – 2A, 1C – 2D, 1D – 2C, 1E – 2F, 1F – 2E, 1G – 2H and 1H – 2G.

Suppose there is an equal total number of points in the group between two or more teams. And a decision must be made as to which countries will advance in this biggest FIFA tournament. Then the overall goal difference counts. If that is also equal, the total number of goals scored counts. If that is also the same, then the FIFA rules (see further down this page) will apply.

World Cup Eighth finals | December 3 to 6, 2022

Eight finals date, time MatchEight FinalCity & Stadium
Saturday 3 December 18:00Netherlands – USA 3-1M49Ar-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium
Saturday 3 December 22:00Argentina – Australia 2-1M50Ar-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
Sunday 4 December 18:00France – Poland 3-1M52Doha | Al Thumama Stadium
Sunday 4 December 22:00England – Senegal 3-0M51Al Khor | Al Bayt Stadium
Monday 5 December 18:00Japan – Croatia 1-1 a.e.t., 1-3 w.o.p.M53Al-Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium
Monday 5 December 22:00Brazil – South Korea 4-1M54Doha | Stadium 974
Tuesday 6 December 18:00Morocco – Spain 0-0 a.e.t., 3-0 w.o.p.M55Doha | Education City Stadium
Tuesday 6 December 22:00Portugal – Switzerland 6-1M56Al Daayen | Lusail Stadium

The eighth finals of the World Cup in Qatar will be played on Saturday 3, Sunday 4, Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 December 2022. In the eighth finals as shown in this 2022 World Cup schedule, the numbers 1 and 2 of groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H from the group stage cross against each other. The eight winners from this World Cup round of matches advance to the quarter-finals of the World Cup. There are five Qatari host cities for these 8th finals: Doha, Ar-Rayyan, Al Khor, Al-Wakrah and Al Daayen.

In total there are eight stadiums at this stage of the tournament. Host city Doha has three World Cup stadiums, namely the Al Thumama Stadium, Stadium 974, and Education City Stadium. And host city Ar-Rayyan has two: the Khalifa International Stadium and Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. In addition, there are the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, the Lusail Stadium in Al Daayen, and the Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah.

World Cup quarter-finals | December 9 and 10, 2022

Quarter-finals date, timeMatchQuarter-finalCity & Stadium
Friday 9 December 18:00Croatia – Brazil, 0-0, 1-1, 4-2 w.o.p.M58Doha | Education City Stadium
Friday 9 December 22:00Netherlands – Argentina, 2-2, 3-4 w.o.p.M57Al Daayen | Lusail Stadium
Saturday 10 December 18:00Morocco – Portugal 1-0M60Doha | Al Thumama Stadium
Saturday 10 December 22:00England – France 1-2M59Al Khor | Al Bayt Stadium

The quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar will be played on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 December 2022. In this second series of knockout matches, in accordance with the traditional knockout system, the eight winners of the eighth finals play. The four winners of the quarter-finals reach the semi-finals, but are allowed to enjoy four rest days first. There are three Qatari host cities for these 4th finals: Doha, Al Daayen, and Al Khor. In total there are four stadiums at this stage of the tournament. Host city Doha has a total of three stadiums, two of which serve in these quarter-finals.

World Cup semi-finals | December 13 and 14, 2022

Semi-finals date, timeMatchSemi-finalCity & Stadium
Tuesday 13 December 22:00Argentina – Croatia 3-0M61Al Daayen | Lusail Stadium
Wednesday 14 December 22:00France – Morocco 2-0M62Al Khor | Al Bayt Stadium

The semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar will be played on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 December 2022. In this third phase of the knockout match schedule, in accordance with the traditional knockout system, the four winners of the quarter-finals play. The two winners of the semi-finals will receive an incredible bonus: a place in the final of the 2022 World Cup.

They will compete for the world title on Sunday 18 December. There is, however, still a match to go for the two losers in the semi-finals: the battle for place three in this 2022 World Cup schedule.

There are two Qatari host cities for the semi-finals: Al Daayen and Al Khor. The stadiums are Lusail Stadium and Al Bayt Stadium respectively.

Match for 3rd place | On Saturday, December 17, 2022

3rd PlaceMatchConsolation gameCity & Stadium
Saturday 17 December 18:00Croatia – Morocco 2-1M63Ar-Rayyan | Khalifa International Stadium

The match for places 3 and 4 is on Saturday 17 December, a day before the final. Traditionally, FIFA has also presented a bronze medal for the FIFA World Cup. The consolation final will take place at the Khalifa International Stadium in host city Ar-Rayyan. It is a foretaste for the real final, one day later.

World Cup football final | On Sunday, December 18, 2022


Final World Cup 2022MatchWC Football FinalCity & Stadium
Sunday 18 December 18:00ARGENTINA – France 2-2, 3-3, 4-2 w.o.p.M64Al Daayen | Lusail Stadium

The final of the World Cup is on Sunday, December 18, 2022, in the Lusail Stadium in the host city of Al Daayen. Kick-off time is 6:00 PM local Qatari time.

The winners of the global men’s football tournament join the illustrious list of previous winners of the FIFA World Cup.

2022 World Cup Schedule
Pro Shots

Opening match

The 2022 World Cup schedule in Qatar officially starts on Sunday, November 20, with the encounter between the host country and Ecuador. The opening match Qatar – Ecuador in Pool A starts at 7:00 PM local Qatari time. The location is the Al Bayt Stadium in the host city of Al Khor. There is only this first match on that day. A day later, Monday 21 November, Senegal – Netherlands are on the agenda in the same group, as are England – Iran and United States – Wales in Group B. During the other match days in the group stage, there are always four matches until the start of the eighth finals.

This determines the final score in the group

To determine the numbers one and two of the group, FIFA works as follows to determine the final standings. The following order applies if two countries in their group are tied in terms of total points (criterion 1), have the same overall goal difference (criterion 2) and also have the same total number of goals in favor (criterion 3). In that case, the FIFA rules for determining which of the two, three or four teams will then finish above the other(s) are, in order:

  • The number of points obtained in the mutually played matches; so the matches between the countries (two or more) that finished tied in the group.
  • The goal difference of the mutual matches played (only applicable if more than two countries are still tied after the previous point).
  • The highest total of goals scored in those head-to-head matches.
  • The Fair Play standings. A yellow card means 1 point deduction. An indirect red card, so twice yellow, leads to a deduction of 3 points. A direct red card deducts the team 4 points. A yellow card and a red card in succession for a player results in 5 points Fair Play deduction. The country that retains the most Fair Play points over all group matches will finish above the other.

Official source: FIFA.

Qatar 2022 World Cup host cities

The host cities in Qatar are Doha (Stadium 974, Al Thumama Stadium & Education City Stadium), Ar-Rayyan (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium and Khalifa International Stadium), Al Daayen (Lusail Stadium), Al Khor (Al Bayt Stadium) and Al Wakrah (Al Janoub Stadium). The venue for the World Cup Qatar final on Sunday, December 18, 2022 is the Lusail Stadium.

The 2022 World Cup host cities and stadiums in a row:

Doha | Al Thumama Stadium | Stage 974 Stadium | Education City Stadium

Ar-Rayyan | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium | Khalifa International Stadium

Al Khor | Al Bayt Stadium

Al Wakrah | Al Janoub Stadium

Al Daayen | Lusail Stadium

2022 World Cup schedule and next: in 2026

At the World Cup in 2022 it will be the last time that 32 countries will appear at the kick-off. During the next final round of the FIFA World Cup, in 2026 in North America, 48 countries will participate for the first time. In the host countries United States, Canada and Mexico, the 48 teams that qualify for the World Cup will be divided evenly into sixteen groups. This means that in 2026 there will be three national teams per group: groups A to P.

Elsewhere on this World Cup football website you will find how the schedule of the World Cup 2026 works exactly. Like with information about the rules that decide which countries advance to the first knockout round. In 2026, for the first time in World Cup history, that will be the Round of 16. This means, among other things, that there will be 80 matches to look forward to in 2026.

Main Info

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World Cup Football Qualifiers North America, Central America, Caribbean

Qualification North America, Central America, Caribbean

In North America, Central America and the Caribbean, the FIFA qualifiers run from March 18, 2024 to November 18, 2025. Six, seven or eight of the 32 participating CONCACAF nations qualify, joining hosts USA, Canada and Mexico.

World Cup Football Qualifiers South America

FIFA World Cup football Qualification South America

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World Cup Football Qualifiers Asia

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In Oceania, the FIFA qualifiers for the World Cup football run from September, 2024 to March, 2025. Eleven OFC nations participate. One or two Oceanic countries qualify. There are three qualification rounds.


Host Cities USA

The 2026 American Dream: the United States is one of the three hosts of the FIFA World Cup Soccer in North America. The USA is the host country with the most - eleven - host cities.

Host Cities Canada

With Vancouver, and Toronto, Canada has two host cities for the world's football finals in North America in 2026. Get more information about the characteristics of these exciting and diverse, dynamic cities.

Host Cities Mexico

With Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico has three candidate host cities for the World Cup in 2026. Each host with its specific ambience, history, attractions, hotspots and other features.

Stadiums USA

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Stadiums Canada

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Stadiums Mexico

In Mexico, the FIFA 2026 World Cup will take place in these stadiums: Estadio Akron in Guadalajara, the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City and the BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey.